A comprehensive range of data acquisition and display units covering a wide range of user requirements. Analysis is handled by the extremely competent I2 Software which is provided with all logging systems. All these products have variable number of sensor inputs for analogue, digital and CAN Bus. Outputs are also available to control valves, motors etc.  To help you decide what you need please work through the information below:


MoTeC Dash Logger


What do I need?

Logging Requirements

The number of inputs you need is determined by how many engine and chassis parameters you wish to measure. Each sensor used to measure a particular parameter requires specific input characteristics. For example, wheel speed sensors need a digital speed input, while temperature measurements need analogue temperature inputs.

The appropriate logging speed of any parameter depends on its rate of change. For example, engine temperature doesn't need to be logged at the same rate as damper position. Choosing the right logging speed allows for optimal use of the available memory.

The logging time needs to suit your race or test mode, for example a complete race, a lap, a run or a stage.

The number of sensors, the logging speed and resolution, and the logging time will help to determine your required logging memory.

What do I want?

Display Requirements

Fully contained all-in-one Dash Loggers integrate logging and display functionality in a single compact unit. This eliminates the need for separate displays.

Stand-alone devices connect to digital displays and other external modules. This allows more freedom in the choice of display and the positioning of the logger.


MoTeC Dash Loggers offer auxiliary control of external devices such as shift lights, warning lights, diff pumps and thermo fans. The number of outputs available varies per model and can be expanded using optional upgrades and expansion units.


Data loggers communicate with other electronic devices on the vehicle via either RS232 or CAN.

To download the logged data to a PC, MoTeC's Dash Loggers use an Ethernet connection, which provides a fast download speed.


The Telemetry upgrade enables transmission of live data from the vehicle to the pit where it can be viewed in real time. To convert telemetry data into a log file for analysis with i2 software, the Remote Logging upgrade is required. The ADL3 and ACL offer these options.

Future Uses

It is worth considering your future data acquisition requirements and look into the available options to grow the system. The ADL3 can be updated with extra logging memory and additional inputs and outputs. It can also be integrated with the VIM, E888 or E816 input/output expanders. The ACL is even more flexible with numerous expansion options including up to 8 VIMs, providing 200 inputs.