Nov 16, 2017

New Release of VBOX Test Suite Incorporating VBOX Setup

New version of VBOX Setup

VBOX Setup 2.1.21 adds support for CAN Hub, improves VB3i connection reliability, and has a few other bug fixes.

  • Adds support for CAN Hub
  • Fixes issue where some data on 306/309/314 wasn’t being saved in exported DBC file
  • Fixes issue where enabling dual antenna could cause module channels to temporarily disappear in Setup
  • Fixes issue where some Transmitted Identifiers were losing status on single antenna VB3i units
  • Improved speed when writing to VB3i with certain modules connected (e.g.IMU03)
  • Improves connection stability to VB3i units via USB and Bluetooth
  • Renamed Topnet to NTRIP
  • Each '?' icon now links to relevant page on the Racelogic Support site


VBOX Setup can be downloaded here.


New version of VBOX Test Suite

VBOX Test Suite has been released in association with VBOX Setup 2.1.21 as you can now launch Setup through Test Suite. This is another step towards replacing VBOX Tools*. Improvements for Math Channels, Path Prediction and minor bug fixes have also been added.


*Please note that VBOX Test Suite requires the use of Microsoft's .NET framework version 4.6 or newer. Unfortunately Microsoft XP can only run .NET up to version 3.5, and VBTS wonk work on XP machines. Should you have any customers who still use Windows XP we would strongly recommend that they upgrade to a more current operating system.


VBTS can be downloaded here.