VBox Applications

Brake Testing
VBox addresses the challenges in measuring braking distance and has become the industry standard for brake testing

ADAS Testing and Validation
VBOX systems provide a simple and accurate way to validate ADAS technology

Tyre Testing
VBOX is the ideal tyre testing equipment for accurate and consistent results

Lane Departure
Testing and verifying Lane Departure Warning systems to NHTSA and other regulations

ESC Testing
The cost-effective way of testing ESC systems to FMVSS 126 (USA) and ECE R13H (EU)

Forward Collision Warning
Reduce driver inconsistency when testing FCWS to NHTSA standards

Circuit & Driving Analysis
The best way of finding out how to go faster

Vehicle Separation Systems
Suitable for tests involving two vehicles such as Collision Mitigation

VBOX Aquaplane System measures exactly where aquaplaning starts to occur

Coastdown testing in accordance with European Directive 70/220/EEC

Performance Testing
Measure performance figures quickly and easily - A media and private individual requirement

Centreline Deviation
Measure the ability of a vehicle to track in a straight line while under the influence of external factors

Automotive testing technology for use at Proving Grounds
Most vehicle test departments at proving grounds around the world use VBOX high accuracy GPS

Lane Change
Carrying out the ISO 3888-2 'Moose (or Elk) Avoidance' test easily and accurately

Speed Verification
Verification of your speed measuring device

Measure marine vessel dynamics - Pitch, Roll & Yaw - accurately

Speed & Route Guidance
Providing detailed speed and route instructions to drivers for vehicle tests where consistency and repeatability are required

Predictive Lap Timing
GPS Position being utilised to accurately align laps